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ONTAP Recipes: Easily create OnDemand Backup of SQL DB or Instance using SnapCenter SQL Plugin


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Easily create OnDemand Backup of SQL DB or Instance using SnapCenter SQL Plugin


  1. Login to SnapCenter UI.

 2. Click on “Resources” link from left pane on the dashboard and select “Microsoft SQL Server” plugin from the plugin drop down as shown below.




3. Click on the “New Resource Group” button on the right side as shown below:




4. Enter the resource group name and click on the next button




5. Select Resource Type for protecting the SQL resources. For protecting the databases at instance level select “Instances” from dropdown; otherwise select “Database” for protecting specific databases as shown below:




6.  Select Databases as “Resource Type” and select desired databases from left pane to be protected and click on the ”>>” as shown below. Click on the Next button.




7. Now, select an existing protection policy(FullAndLogBackupPolicyOnDemand) to be applied for this resource group form the dropdown as shown below and click on next button:




8. Continue to the next screen by skipping the verification settings page by clicking on the next button:




 9. Update the E-mail notification settings (if any changes required) and click on next button:




10. Click on “Finish” button on the Summary page to complete the Resource Group Creation wizard:




11. After clicking on the Finish button, the wizard will disappear and Resource group will be created and you will land on “Resource Group” (RG) details page. Click on “Backup Now” button as shown below:




12. Backup dialog will popup, click on the “Backup” button as show below:





13. On demand backup will get triggered and to know the status of the job, click on the Monitor tab as shown below:




14. The Backup job status will be displayed on the Monitor view as shown below:





For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center


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