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ONTAP Recipes: Easily create Snapshot copies on the Secondary (destination) volumes


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Easily create Snapshot copies on the Secondary (destination) volumes


Starting with ONTAP 9.0, SnapMirror policy can be specified either to transfer the Snapshot copy from the primary or to create the Snapshot copy directly on the destination volume (of SnapVault, Unified Replication relationships)


This recipe provides the following steps to create Snapshot on Secondary volume either for archival purposes or for establishing a different Snapshot cadence (while not impacting the primary)


1. Create a cron job to define the schedule when you want to create Snapshot copies


“cron create –name < cron_name > -minute < > -hour < > -day < > -month < > “


e.g. “cron create –name monthly_snap –minute 0 –hour 4 –day 1 –month January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December”


2. Identify the SnapMirror Policy that correlates to the destination volume (on which you want to create additional Snapshots) and add the rule to that policy.


“snapmirror policy add-rule –vserver < vserver_name > -policy < snapmirror_policy_name > -snapmirror-label < label_name  -schedule < cron_name > -prefix < prefix_name > > -keep < count > -preserve < true/false >


e.g. “snapmirror policy add-rule –vserver vs0 –policy vault_policy –snapmirror-label monthly –schedule monthly_snap –prefix monthlySnap –keep 24”


3. For each destination volume that correlates with the SnapMirror policy, verify that Snapshot copy with specified prefix name is created at the above metioned schedule


Please note that the content of the Snapshot created will be same as the latest one (version UUID will be the same).




cluster::*> snapshot show dst1 -fields snapmirror-label, version-uuid


vserver   volume    snapshot                                        snapmirror-label      version-uuid

-------        ------      ------------                                      ------------------         -----------------

vs0           dst1          weekly.2017-08-27_0500             weekly              a051bb54-be63-428f-aacd-37f1323cc3a2

vs0           dst1          monthlySnap.2017-09-01_1600   monthly             a051bb54-be63-428f-aacd-37f1323cc3a2



For more information, please see the ONTAP 9 documentation center





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