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Easily create a NAS Application Container


To create a NAS Application Container for use over NFS without compromising application or overall system performance, follow these steps in OnCommand System Manager:


1. Select the SVM.

2. Click Applications & Tiers.

3. Click Applications.

4. Click Add an Application.

5. In the “General Applications” Add NAS Container page, specify the following:

  • application name
  • size
  • storage service level

The floor and ceiling IOPS values adjust automatically based on space capacity used by the application.For a 1TB application with “Value” specified, the floor and ceiling start at 128 IOPS. As more space is used by the application the ceiling increases to a maximum of 512 IOPS.


6. Select NFS as the protocol used to access the application.

7. Set the host IP addresses that will access the application.


After creation, details of the application components will be displayed in the System Manager summary.





For more information, visit the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.

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