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ONTAP Recipes: Easily create a Policy for ONTAP to ONTAP to CLOUD topology using SnapCenter


ONTAP Recipes: Did you know you can…?


Easily create a Policy for ONTAP to ONTAP to CLOUD topology using SnapCenter


The recipe shows the easy steps that you can follow:


  1. Login to SnapCenter UI

 2. Go to “Settings” page > “Policies” tab.


 3. You can see list of pre-canned policies, which SnapCenter supports




 4. Select “Backup to Cloud ” policy and click on Copy



5. Enter the Policy Name for the newly copying Policy




6. Once the policy has been successfully copied, please select the policy and click on Modify to select the Cloud Bucket associated with AVA




7. You have an option, while modifying, depending on whether you want to capture ACLs or not



8. You can enter the Backup Creation Time, Retention for Respective Nodes and their tiers




9. Scheduled Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups can be set and triggered on primary ONTAP site. You can also configure these backup’s to be transferred from ONTAP to CLOUD at Backup Transfer Start time, based on the less traffic on Clustered ONTAP.



10  Add the hours for Transfer window and Lag time, which is for SnapCenter to monitor the backup transfer.


11. If Snapshot gets transferred within expected hours (Transfer Window + Lag Time), then Volume is in compliant state and scheduled jobs (daily, weekly and monthly) will be marked as Completed.



 12. Else Volume is in non-compliant state and scheduled job will be in warning state




 For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center and the Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup Workflow Guide Using SnapCenter (http://docs.netapp.com/mgmt/topic/com.netapp.doc.df-cloud-bu-wg/home.html?cp=5_4)




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