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ONTAP Recipes: Easily create a SnapLock volume with Volume Append mode enabled


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Easily create a SnapLock volume with Volume Append mode enabled



1. Install the SnapLock license

license add -license-code <key>


2. Initialize the compliance clock on all the nodes of the cluster

snaplock compliance-clock initialize -node <nodename>


3. Create a SnapLock aggregate of the appropriate SnapLock type

storage aggregate create -aggregate <aggrname> -diskcount <count> -snaplock-type <enterprise|compliance>


4. Create a volume on the aggregate created.

volume create -vserver <vservername> -volume <volname> -aggregate <aggrname> -size <size>


5. Once the volume is created, enable the volume append mode

volume snaplock modify -vserver <vservername> -volume <volname> -is-volume-append-mode-enabled true



For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center



Hi, thank you for this recipes. I was looking for some more detailed information about this promising feature but wasn't able to find it either in then NetApp documentation nor somewhere in google ... Where can I find some general informations about its functionality (is-volume-append-mode-enabled)? Can you say which ontap release you are working with? 'is-volume-append-mode-enabled true' seems to be an invalid argument for 'volume snaplock modify' in our 9.1 ...


How does one set a retention policy on a "snaplocked" volume?


thanks for the info

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