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Easily identify remaining performance capacity


Performance capacity, or headroom, measures how much work you can place on a node or an aggregate before performance of workloads on the resource begins to be affected by latency. Knowing the available performance capacity on the cluster helps you provision and balance workloads.


1. Change to advanced privilege level:

set -privilege advanced


2. Start real-time headroom statistics collection:

statistics start –object [resource_headroom_cpu | resource_headroom_aggr]


3. Display real-time headroom statistics information:

statistics show - object [resource_headroom_cpu | resource_headroom_aggr]


For complete command syntax, see the man page.





Cluster1::*> statistics show -object resource_headroom_cpu -raw -counter ewma_hourly


Object: resource_headroom_cpu

Instance: CPU_node1

Start-time: 7/9/2017 16:06:27

End-time: 7/9/2017 16:06:27

Scope: node1



Counter                                           Value

--------------------------------                  ---------

ewma_hourly                                            -

current_ops                                         4376

current_latency                                    37719

current_utilization                                   86

optimal_point_ops                                   2573

optimal_point_latency                               3589

optimal_point_utilization                             72

optimal_point_confidence_factor                        1



You can compute the available performance capacity for a node by subtracting the optimal_point_utilization counter from the current_utilization counter. In this example, the utilization capacity for CPU_node1 is -14% (72%-86%), which suggests that the CPU has been overutilized on average for the past hour.



For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center





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