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ONTAP Recipes

ONTAP Recipes: Easily identify throughput and latency between nodes


ONTAP Recipes: Did you know you can...?


Easily identify throughput and latency between nodes


You can check throughput and latency to identify network bottlenecks, or to prequalify network paths between nodes. You can check pairs of node in the same cluster or in two peered clusters.


1. Change to advanced privilege level:

set -privilege advanced


2. Measure throughput and latency between nodes:

network test-path -source-node name -destination-cluster cluster_name -destination-node name -session-type Default





cluster1::> network test-path -source-node node1 -destination-cluster cluster2 -destination-node node3 -session-type Default

Test Duration:          10.88 secs

Send Throughput:        48.23 MB/sec

Receive Throughput:     48.23 MB/sec

MB sent:                524.74

MB received:            524.74

Avg latency in ms:      301.47

Min latency in ms:      61.14

Max latency in ms:      856.86


If performance does not meet expectations for the path configuration, you should check node performance statistics, use available tools to isolate the problem in the network, check switch settings, and so forth.



For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center




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