ONTAP Recipes

ONTAP Recipes: Identify Top Files and Clients


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Identify top clients and top files by either IOPS or Throughput.



To identify top clients and files, follow these steps in OnCommand System Manager:


1. Select Dashboard.

2. In Applications and Objects, select Objects.

3. Choose Top Clients or Top Files.

4. Choose by IOPS or by Throughput.

5. A sorted list of the top 20 clients or top 20 files will be displayed.


For top clients, the IP address of each client is displayed along with the IOPS or throughput processed by ONTAP.


For top files, the file path is displayed along with the IOPS or throughput processed by ONTAP.


There is no performance impact when top clients or top files monitoring is enabled in ONTAP.


Top clients and top files is supported for both CIFS and NFS protocols.


For CLI users, top clients and top files is available using the statistics top client and statistics top file commands.







For more information, please access the ONTAP 9 documentation center



Hi, and how to do the same output with api over xml or python ?

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