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ONTAP Recipes: SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S): Calculate your RTT for SnapMirror Synchronous


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Calculate your round-trip time (RTT) for SnapMirror Synchronous


Run the cluster peer ping command, where the originating-node is the node that hosts the source volume of the relationship and the destination-node is the node that hosts the destination volume of the relationship.

cluster::> cluster peer ping -originating-node sti8080-475 -destination-node sti8080-477

Node: sti8080-475 Destination Cluster: C2_sti8080-477_cluster

Destination Node IP Address Count TTL RTT(ms) Status

---------------- ----------- ----- ---- ------- -------------------------

sti8080-477 1     64   0.452   interface_reachable

sti8080-477 1     64   0.352   interface_reachable


For intracluster relationships, you can run the network ping command in a similar way.
cluster::> network ping -node sti8080-477 -destination sti8080-475 -show-detail


For more information about ONTAP, see the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.



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