ONTAP Recipes

ONTAP Recipes: Start the object store profiler through ONTAP CLI to test latency and throughput



Did you know that…
You can start the object store profiler through the ONTAP CLI to test latency and throughput performance?


NetApp recommends validating the latency and throughput of your specific network environment to determine the impact it has on FabricPool performance.

Starting in ONTAP 9.4, an object store profiler is available through the ONTAP CLI. You can test latency and throughput performance of object stores before you attach them to FabricPool aggregates.

Note: The external capacity tier must be added to ONTAP before it can be used with the object store profiler.


  1. Start the object store profiler (advanced privilege level required).
    storage aggregate object-store profiler start -object-store-name <name> -node <name>
  1. View the results.
    storage aggregate object-store profiler show

 Misc Output on black background.png

Note: External capacity tiers do not provide performance similar to that found on the performance tier (typically gigabytes per second).


For more information about FabricPool, see TR-4598: FabricPool Best Practices.

For more information about ONTAP, see the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.





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