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ONTAP Recipes: Test SVM-DR destination disaster recovery without breaking SnapMirror relationship


Did you know that…

You can easily test the SVM-DR destination disaster recovery without breaking the SnapMirror relationship?



Note: In an existing SnapMirror relationship, these steps will help you test the disaster recovery solution without breaking the SnapMirror relationship.

  1. In a SnapMirror relationship, select the volumes to be tested.
    destination::> snapmirror show -expand
  1. Create a default subtype vserver on the destination cluster.
    destination::> vserver create -vserver <clone_vserver> -subtype default
    Note: Create LIFs and export polices to enable NFS traffic.
  1. Create a clone on the destination cluster. Select the parent volume and parent Snapshot copy from the SnapMirror destination vserver as parent vserver.
    destination::> vol clone create -vserver <clone_vserver> -flexclone <flex_cone_volume> -type RW -parent-vserver <SVM-DR Destination vserver> -parent-volume <parent_volume> -junction-active true -foreground true -parent-snapshot <parent_snapshot>
  1. Mount the FlexClone volumes on the junction path.
    destination::> vol mount -vserver <clone_vserver>  -volume <flex_cone_volume> -junction-path /<flex_cone_volume_mountpath>
  1. Mount through NFS on the desired test client. FlexClone volumes should be visible on the client.

For more information about ONTAP, see the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.