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ONTAP Recipes: Upgrade existing version of ONTAP while retaining Data Protection relationships


ONTAP Recipes: Did you know you can…?


Easily upgrade your existing version of ONTAP while retaining Data Protection (SnapMirror, SnapVault, Unified Replication) relationships



Before upgrading a cluster that is running a Data Protection relationship, the operation must be suspended for each node that contains destination volumes.


Please ensure that ONTAP destination version follow the criteria below:


  • For SnapMirror (DP relationships), the destination node must use an ONTAP version that is equal to or later than that of the SnapMirror source node.
  • SnapMirror, SnapVault and Unified Replications (XDP relationships) are version-flexible relationships and can support up to two releases difference (up or down) between the source and the destination nodes.



1. Suspend all transfer operations

    snapmirror quiesce*


    Instead, if you want to suspend transfers on a particular destination node and only upgrade that node:


  •  First find the relationships

   snapmirror show


  • Next, suspend the individual transfers

   snapmirror quiesce –destination-path <destination>


2. To find which of the SnapMirror relationships are not quiesced


snapmirror show -status !Quiesced


Pleas note, the relationships with ongoing transfers are not quiesced immediately. The transfer completes and then the relationship status goes to ‘Quiesced’.


However, if you need the relationships to be immediately quiesced, the transfers for those ongoing relationships can be stopped.


snapmirror abort –destination-path <destination> -h


3. Upgrade the destination node/cluster


4. Upgrade the source node/cluster


5. Resume the transfer operations


snapmirror resume*


Individual transfer can be resumed with


snapmirror resume –destination-path <destination>


6. To verify that your relationship is not suspended


snapmirror show –status Quiesced


For each SnapMirror relationship that is configured to run on a schedule, you should verify that the first scheduled SnapMirror transfer completes successfully.




For more information, see the ONTAP 9 documentation center



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