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ONTAP Recipes: Use MetroCluster switchback functionality after a switchover operation


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You can use MetroCluster switchback functionality after a MetroCluster switchover operation?


NetApp MetroCluster provides synchronous replication for NetApp ONTAP customers and consists of an ONTAP cluster at each customer site. When a site goes down, the switchover functionality is used to move the customer workload to the remote site.


Use the MetroCluster switchback functionality after a MetroCluster switchover operation restores a workload to a remote disaster-stricken site:  

1. Verify that the disaster-stricken cluster meets the following requirements:

    a. Power and connectivity have been restored to switches, intersite links, and disk shelves.

    b. Nodes are rebooted (if necessary).

    c. Aggregates are resynchronized through the healing functionality: metrocluster heal-phase root and
        metrocluster heal-phase aggregates.

2. Invoke the MetroCluster switchback CLI.

3. Run the metrocluster operation show command to view the status of the switchback operation.


For more information about MetroCluster, see the MetroCluster Management and Disaster Recovery Guide.

For more information about ONTAP, see the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.

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