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ONTAP Recipes: Use MetroCluster switchover functionality for synchronous replication


Did you know...


You can use MetroCluster switchover functionality for synchronous replication?


NetApp MetroCluster provides synchronous replication for NetApp ONTAP customers and consists of an ONTAP cluster at each customer site. When a site goes down, the switchover functionality is used to move the customer workload to the remote site.


Planned outage:

If you are planning an outage due to disaster recovery testing or a planned power outage, run the metrocluster switchover command while both sites are up/functional. If you run the command at the site that will survive, it will shut down in an orderly fashion.


Unplanned outage:

When the remote cluster is already down, force a switchover to start switchover processing:

  1. Make sure the remote site is down.
    Note: This step might include halting nodes.
  1. Run the metrocluster switchover -forced-on-disaster true command. When prompted to continue with the switchover, enter yes

For either type of switchover, run the metrocluster operation show command to view the status of the switchover operation.


For more information about MetroCluster, see the MetroCluster Management and Disaster Recovery Guide.

For more information about ONTAP, see the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.


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