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Hi guys,.

Wanted to share this command for migrating volumes managed by dfpm.

Idea is to automate the move of dfpm with a workflow that gets a source and target aggregates and does a loop of moves for all volumes in the aggregate.

For that I'd be happy to get some help and describe the workflow in place.

I'm in the midst of writing a command that check how many jobs are running for WFA to insert another migrate command if needed and still stick.

For now, enjoy this one.




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Good work Solal.


Great work Solal, But couple of questions to understand more about the workflow.

  1. Is this workflow move/migrate primary volumes or Backup or secondary volumes ?
  2. If its for Backup or Mirror destination or secondary volumes why are you not using the dfpm migrate volume cli  ?
  3. Or is it trying to automate the migration of more than one volume secondary volume from one aggr to another ?



Thanks guys.

Adai, first Q - it's designated for secondary backup volumes managed by ProtMgr.

Second Q - this command uses dfpm migrate volume cli and the workflow is meant to automate an entire aggregate's volumes move to a new one. The customer raised a point that these migrations will be here forever, and as long as it's managed by DFM, they'd like an automated process.

This workflow is going to use a loop that finds all volumes in a selected aggregate and do X moves in parallel (decided by user when running the flow) while inserting new rels when other complete.