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FabricPool Aggregates: End-to-End Provisioning, Monitoring and Management with OnCommand Software

NetApp brings in an innovation in Flash storage systems, the Fabric Pool aggregates. With FabricPool aggregates, you can move your cold data to external, less expensive storage solutions available today.


What is a FabricPool Aggregate?


FabricPool is an all SSD aggregate that has an external capacity tier attached to it. Data that is written to the SSD aggregates is called as Performance tier and backup and/or snapshots that is moved to Amazon S3 or Netapp StorageGrid Webscale is called as Capacity Tier. 


Why do you need FabricPool Aggregate?


FabricPool technology brings in a pool of advantages:


  • The setup is simple with little policy management and tiering
  • Provides you with secure channels for the data in flight with significant savings in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Transparent to existing applications making your data Hybrid cloud ready!


How does FabricPool work?


You can attach capacity tiers to SSD aggregates and set tiering policies on the SSD volumes. Currently supported tiering policies are:

  • Snapshot-only which is the default
  • Backup – Data is tired to the capacity tier as snapmiror/snapvault destinations
  • None


Provisioning FabricPool Aggregate(s)


OnCommand System Manager provides you a guided setup to create and configure FabricPool aggregates. Attach your External Capacity Tier to the Performance Tier; setup tiering policies in few simple steps using the System Manager GUI. For more detailed information, follow the link


Manage and Monitor FabricPool Environment(s)


Using OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2, you can manage and monitor FabricPool environments:


  • Oversee External Capacity Tier usage
  • Visualize detailed view of Capacity consumption in both the tiers.
  • Setup alerts for availability and capacity of your External Capacity tier
  • Generate report on consumption metrics of both the tiers.


We recommend you to watch FabricPool Monitoring using OnCommand Unified Manager video, posted on youtube here





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