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New release of Manageability software products

4.0 Release of Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager now available

Operations Manager 4.0, Provisioning Manager 4.0 are Protection Manager 4.0 are now being made available starting March 2010..NetApp Manageability SDK will be available free of charge via NetApp Communities by the end of March 2010.

Sales and SE community can now highlight the below features of 4.0

Operations Manager 4.0
• Provides Discovery, Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting support for Clustered ONTAP (Data ONTAP 8.0)
• Performance Advisor enhancements - Data collection, Performance Diagnostic and Event Correlation, Performance Baselining, Performance Advisor Data Export for Offline Analysis
• MyAutoSupport integration

Provisioning Manager 4.0
• Online migration of datasets and vFilers
- Support for NetApp Data Motion
- Non-disruptive migration of NFS and iSCSI workloads
• Full 7-mode support on ONTAP 8.0
- Support for 64-bit (large) aggregates
- Ability to provision volumes > 16TB
• Cloud services
- Storage Services for storage abstraction and automation enabling Service catalogue
- Integrated vFiler provisioning for multi-tenancy

Protection Manager 4.0
• Large Aggregate Support
• Improved Secondary Space Management
• Support SV Primary and Secondary on same Controller

Open Management (NetApp Manageability SDK 4.0)
• NetApp Manageability SDK 4.0 available for free on NetApp communities
• Enables integration with any 3rd party IT service management and orchestration platforms or home-grown tool in a customer environment.
• Provides complete set of open interfaces and necessary tools to integrate with NetApp software (Operations Mgr, Provisioning Mgr, Protection Mgr and DataONTAP)
• Ease of integration using web services APIs enables faster integration
• Provides storage abstraction and Policy based automation by leveraging policy based automation tools as point of integration
• Enables Policy-based efficient storage provisioning, data protection and operational monitoring

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