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Run workflow from powershell using webservices



   Calls a workflow from WFA

   Input is detected automatically








# DATE: 04/02/2013

# AUTHOR: Mirko Van Colen



# variables

$username = "Username"

$password = "Password"

$wfaserver = ""

$uri = "http://$wfaserver/wfa-ws/WorkflowService_rpc?wsdl"


$parameters = @()


#$VerbosePreference = "continue"


# create credentials

Write-Verbose "Creating credentials"

$cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList @($username,(ConvertTo-SecureString -String $password -AsPlainText -Force))


# fire up the webservice

Write-Verbose "Connect to webservice $uri"

$wfa = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $uri -Credential $cred


# get list of workflows

Write-Verbose "Get the workflows"

$workflows = $wfa.getAllWorkflows()


# list them up

Write-Output "Pick a workflow"

Write-Output "==============="


$workflowIds = @() # build a valid workflowid array


foreach($workflow in $workflows){

    $workflowIds += $workflow.id

    Write-Output "$($workflow.id) : $($workflow.name)"



# prompt for workflow id with error checking


    $workflowId = read-host "Enter a valid Workflow-id you want to start"


while($workflowIds -notcontains $workflowId)


# get chosen workflow

Write-Verbose "Get workflow $workflowid"

$workflow = $workflows | where{$_.id -eq $workflowId}


# get user input

Write-Verbose "Extract userput fields"

$userinputFields = $workflow | select -ExpandProperty userinput

foreach($field in $userinputFields){

    $input = ""

    $validationString = ""


        Write-Output "-----------------------------------"

        # description


            Write-Output "Description : $($field.description)"


        # validation presentation


                $validationString = $field.value

                # visualize Enum with "|"

                if($field.type -eq "Enum"){

                    $validationString = "[" + ($field.value -join "|") + "]"


                Write-Output "Validation : $validationString"


        # get default value if any


            $defaultValue = " [$($field.defaultValue)]"


            $defaultValue = ""


        # read the input

        $input = read-host "$($field.name)$defaultValue"


        # set the default value

        if((-not $input) -and $field.defaultValue){

            Write-Verbose "No input given : defaulting the value to $($field.defaultValue)"

            $input = $field.defaultValue



        # validate the input


        # default = true

        $validation = $true


        # only validation if value is given



            # number - scan the range

            if($field.type -eq "Number"){

                $range = $validationString -split "-"

                $input = [Int32]$input

                $lowest = [Int32]$range[0].Trim()

                $highest = [Int32]$range[1].Trim()

                $validation = (($input -ge $lowest) -and ($input -le $highest))

                Write-Verbose "Validated number $input as $validation between $lowest and $highest"



            # enumeration - check the array

            if($field.type -eq "Enum"){

                $validation = $field.value -contains $input

                Write-Verbose "Validated enumeration $input as $validation in array {$($field.value -join ",")}"



            # string - check the regex

            if($field.type -eq "String"){

                # we change the regex a bit (^ & $) to get it working

                $validation = $input -match "^$validationString$"

                Write-Verbose "Validated string $input as $validation against regex /$validationString/"




    }while(-not $validation)

    Write-Verbose "Adding parameters : $($field.name)=$input"

    $parameters += "$($field.name)=$input"




# lauch the workflow

Write-Verbose "Launching the workflow $($workflow.id) with parameters $parameters"

$jobid = $wfa.executeWorkflow($workflow.id,$parameters)


# monitor job status



    $status = $wfa.getJobStatus($jobid)

    Write-Output "Workflow status : $($status.jobStatus1)..."

    Write-Verbose "Sleeping 2 seconds"

    Start-Sleep 2


while($status.jobStatus1 -ne "COMPLETED")

Write-Verbose "Job completed"


write-output "returning parameters through the job status"

foreach($param in $status.returnParameter){

    write-output "$($param.name) = $($param.value)"



write-output "returning parameters through webservice"


foreach($param in $workflow.returnParameters){

    $returnedParameter = $wfa.getReturnParameters($jobid,$param.name)

    write-output "$($returnedParameter[0].name) = $($returnedParameter[0].value)"



$stop = Read-Host 'job finished... press enter to stop'


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