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Vfiler deployment with root and data vol and qtree - Workflow Example

This workflow creates a root, data and audit vol. Then a vfiler is created with the volumes and a qtree from the audit vol.

WFA Version


A vfiler in the ipspace already exists so the interface is already configured with an ipadress. The vfiler create command adds the new vfiler already with an alias on the existing interface. To achieve this the certified vfiler create and configure command had to be updated. If you already have the ipspace and interface assigned to it the certified command throws an error and the workflow stops. The error message commes from the api call "interface assignment only partially successful. I changed the command to vfiler create and configure custom. In the section for the ipspace the assignment of interfaces to the ipspace only takes place when the ipspace is created within that workflow.

There will be room for improvement so any ideas are appreciated.




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This is great stuff.... thanks so much for sharing!

-Kevin Hill

WFA Team