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This workflow will do the following steps:-

1. Create a cluster mode volume

2. Call dfm-object-refresh on OnCommand 6.0

3. Subscribed that new volume to the storage service (storage service should already be present in OnCommand6.0)

4. Subscribed that new volume to the resource group( if resource group is not present first create that and then subscribed to it)


Ankur Aggarwal


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This is great stuff.  But to be clear for everyone looking at this, OnCommand 6.0 will NOT be available for awhile yet, so likely some slight modifications might be necessary to make it work with your OnCommand 5.0 or 5.1 implementations.

I would ask if you have a similar version that works with the currently available versions of OnCommand UM, that you post those as well.

Again, great stuff!



Thanks Kevin.

But right now I dont have any other version of this workflow.I will try to make and will post it.