Add Aggregat to Ressourcepool


we take OSSV backups with PM to "physical Ressources". 

They all located an "Filer1:aggr0:/vol/OSSV_vol".

Can I create a new Ressourcpool with "Filer1:aggr0" as member?

What is with the "old" Volumes on "Filer1"?



Re: Add Aggregat to Ressourcepool

Hi Gred,

     Let me see if I understood your question.

You already have volumes used as destination and you want to make the same aggr as a resource pool in Protection manager for new destination  volume provisioning. Will this change affect the  already provisioned volumes ?

If the above summary is right, then the answer is the old volumes would not be affected.



Re: Add Aggregat to Ressourcepool

Hi Adai,

yes this correct! Thank you.

The reason for the question ist that we have a lot of OSSV Agent installed. There are about 20 Server per Dataset. The Destination for this is

a manual created Volume. I´ve read in a another discussion that it is better to make a backup with PM in Ressourcepools.

PM creates then a new Volume when the first is at the Qtree limitation. Is that Correct?