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Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

I recently added a new DFM servers in my Insight Report from Configure -> DataFabricManager server option. Test connection is working fine, when i Poll it shows as success, ETL's are getting build without any issues, but when i try to generate a report i do not see Filers which should get added because of this new DFM. Am i missing any step? Anything to be done at DFM server? I did created a user "dbuser" on new DFM to enable read view of Database.

Also to mention that when i manually run "Poll Now" for the new DFM, its "Last Logged Event" is not getting updated. Whereas when i do the same for my old DFM, it gets updated instantly.

Kindly suggest.


Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

Hi Manish,

I don't think you are doing any wrong here. But i have few questions

1. Did you observe any errors while acquiring.?

2. Did you observe any errors in ETL Status ?

3. If reporting portal was opened when you are doing ETL, then you need to relogin to see the refreshed data.

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

Thanks for your response.

There were no errors neither during Acquiring or ETL. I also did a re-login on reporting portal to list the storage names but no luck. Please find attached the image to show my 2 DFM's and status of each.

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

Manish ,

OnCommand Report  consolidates from multiple DFM Servers. If two different DFM Servers monitors same filer,then OnCommand Report reports it only once.

Is there any scenario like this ?

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

There are few common storage boxes between both DFM's but the new one have a lot more than the earlier one. I am looking to see all those extra filers in reporting portal.

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

If you could provide database backup of your OnCommand Report server. We can check on this.

To backup OnCommand Report database,From OCR administration portal, select Administration- backup

Click OK

Save the file to the desktop.  Provide a link to the location from where it can be downloaded.

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?

Are you able to resolve  the issue ,I am on the same boat..Dfm server polled good,but not able to see in my reports..test connection is good..build ETL few times..removed and added it twice...Still, not able to resolve it..

Any recommendations

Re: Adding new DFM in Insight Report?


Was OnCommand Report working earlier and then it stopped working or is it a new install.