Aggr Overcommittment

I know we have the "Aggregate Space Summary" report in OM that shows the committed storage in an aggregate.  Is there a way to display committed storage in an aggregate via CLI?

"Aggr show_space" does not show the sum of volumes committed when you have volume guarantees set to none.  I would like to know if there is any way from the ONTAP CLI to show a summary of how much storage is committed to an aggregate.



Re: Aggr Overcommittment

Hi Chris,

Operations Manager has aggregate committed report:-

# dfm report view aggregates-committed 377

Object ID Aggregate Controller/Cluster Type Bytes Committed Bytes Committed (%) Status

Re: Aggr Overcommittment

Thanks.  But I was also wondering if there is a way to see how much storage is committed to an aggregate in the Data ONTAP CLI, not through Operations Manager.

Re: Aggr Overcommittment

I don't think there is any such ONTAP CLI which can show the committed space of an aggregate. Script can be written for "aggr show_space" and target the "none guarantee volumes only.

May I know why are you looking particularly for ONTAP CLI?