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Aggregate IOPS don't add up

Hi - Does the total_transfers counter for an aggregate in DFM include more than the sum of all the total IOPs for the volumes with the aggregate?

I have a 14 disk SATA aggr, ops mgr is telling me total ops = 1150 IOPs, disk utilization confirms as the busiest disks in the aggregate are around 75-80%.  However, when i look at total ops for each volume in the aggr, they only add up to about 650 IOPs.  No dedup jobs are running.  Could anything else be running in the background adding IOPs to the aggregate and being reported by ops mgr?




Re: Aggregate IOPS don't add up

I've recently noticed a similiar event with FAS3160s and SATA disk.  Seems related to Snapmirror (possibly readahead?).  When we disable the snapmirrors mysterious aggregate read transfers disappear.

Would love to know if you got anywhere with this.....


Kevin Franey

EBSCO Publishing