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Aggregate not showing up in OM

I accidentally removed one of my aggregates from one of my storage systems from the Global group in OM and I can't figure out how to add it back in.  Is there any way to add the aggregate back into the system once it has been deleted or is it just a matter of waiting for another monitoring cycle?


Re: Aggregate not showing up in OM

Hi keahey,

You can follow these steps:

- Navigate to the aggregates page

- Select the "Aggregates,Deleted" report from the drop down menu present on the top right side.

The deleted aggregate should be visible.

- Select the aggregate by check marking the corresponding box and clicking on  "Undelete"

This should add the aggregate back to your OM.

Point to Note: Objects (Storage systems, Aggegates, Volumes etc..) that are deletd manually from Operations Manager do not get added back automatically on the next discovery. These can be Undeleted by procedures similar to the one stated above.



Re: Aggregate not showing up in OM

Hi Keahey,

Using below command you can add your deleted aggregate.

"dfm aggr add <aggregate-full-name>".

In another monitor cycle, deleted aggregate will not be added automatically, you need to add that deleted aggregate manually.