Alerts for fpolicy files

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Customer would like an alert (email) if someone is trying to put a file on storage which is blocked under fpolicy.

Can Ops Mgr/ Storage be configured to generate such an alert?

  • Customer using Windows 2008 R2 in File server with file blocking with email alert
  • Once user trying put files an email is triggered and sent to the respective admins.
  • Do we have this reporting options in CIFS file blocking using f policy
  • Do  ops manager has this reporting feature for CIFS

Please help !!!


Alerts for fpolicy files


Help to self help is always the best, start off by looking at this:

I havent got access to a DFM server at the moment.



Alerts for fpolicy files

Alarms/Alerts can be created against an event, and till DFM 4.0.2D2  I don't see any event for FPolicy. Also no reports are available for CIFS shares which FPolicy enabled/disabled.

Maybe an RFE burt can be raised for this feature.

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