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Best Practices for Migrating FSRM data/work

Hello everyone

I am at Qualcomm working on a FSRM migration; moving the service from one dedicated system to multiples to spread the load:

  • One FSRM server to two ( one monitors all local paths, one monitors all non local paths )
  • One SRM Host to four SRM hosts ( one per geographical location )

We have exported the paths and schedules, imported them into the new servers ( using all commandline scripts ) and today we will verify our path walks.  What I am curious about is ( or if FSRM keeps this ) ... historical data.

In the past when an existing service is walking paths and identifying various files, does it keep this information? ... example I am scanning a path where I think too many mp3s are so for a few weeks i monitor and get information.  Can I look at past walks on my FSRM server and see that on Jan1 i see 2000 files and on jan 10 I see less ( see below ).

  • On jan 1 FSRM finds 2000 mp3s
  • On jan 10 FSRM finds 400 mp3s

If I do see historical walks, then can ( or how ) I migrate them over?


Re: Best Practices for Migrating FSRM data/work

The customer is concerned with bringing over past FSRM data

Re: Best Practices for Migrating FSRM data/work

Hi Emanuel,

Operations will not store past data, however we have a solution for that - It is report scheduling.

You can schedule the FSRM reports in OM regularly (based oh hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis)

These reports generetaed due to the appropriate scheduled will be saved by Operations Manager, thus providing access to past data.


step 1

     Under "control center" choose "reports" -> "schedule"

step 2

     click on "schedules" tab

     click on "add new schedule" button

     choose the appropriate schedule (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly) and save

step 3

     click on "report schedules" tab

     click on "add new report schedule"

     here you get to choose the appropriate fsrm-report and the schedule

     you can also choose the appropriate format and email recepients

     save the report schedule

step 4

     click on "saved reports" tab

     here you will be able to find the historical reports generated by the schedule

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja

Re: Best Practices for Migrating FSRM data/work

Great work-a-around ... I mistyped my second comment, they DO NOT care about retaining past walks but this is good stuff!

Thank you