Best pratice Netapp Backup with Data Domain


I can´t find a documentation / tr about Backup to a VTL over multiple fabrics.

So, have you an idea for me?

The customer have FAS3140 and two ports are connected to fab1 and two Netapp Ports to fab2.

The Data Domain has also to ports in each fabric.

We have the problem, that the filer only see all VTL devices (Data Domain LUNs), when on the data domain all Lun´s are presented to all data domain ports.

So the filer had multiple paths to the tape devices. But there is no load balancing. All VTL devices are present on the first filler port that is up.

I think my problem is also descript in this community discussion. But there is no answer. :-(

Have you an idea for me or a document, where I find information about connect a Data Domain over multiple fabrics to Netapp.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Georg Kern

Re: Best pratice Netapp Backup with Data Domain

For tape drives (physical or virtual) there is a single path from the controller to tape... if one goes down you can bring the other path up but only one will come up at a time.  I also remember an old issue where if two tape drives on different ports had the same WWN but different WWPNs from a library that ONTAP only would recognize the first drive since all WWNs need to be on the one port that saw the first drive... the issue is mostly gone now since tape vendors and bridge vendors make unique WWNs in most cases I see now.