Bug with node count?

Wonder if anyone else is seeing this.

The node count reported for my nodes keeps going up in WFA.  Right now I have one that reports to be 180 nodes.  Is there a way to fix?

Re: Bug with node count?

Can you please provide some more details.

1. WFA version.

2. 7-mode or C-mode.

3. Which version of OCUM is the Data source.

4. How to reproduce the scenario.

You can also open a support case with NetApp and provide the backup.

That will help us to debug the issue.



Re: Bug with node count?


A few queries around your issue:

  • How did you establish that the node counts are differing?
  • What activities do you perform on your arrays (preferably node-based)?

If possible, could you reset the corresponding scheme and perform a fresh acquisition. Verify is the node counts still differ?