Bulletin - Release 1.0.2 content update/fix!!

Hello all,

We discovered 2 content related issues which required some immediate treatment.

We updated 2 commands that may have triggered an error on execution:

1) CreateLun (The new command, not to be confused with the venerable "Create Lun and Map")

2) CreateExport - Problem with setting actual path different from the default

We are releasing a new installer for 1.0.2, to be downloaded from this internal link

(External users who need this please contact me).

If you don't use the new "CreateLun" or set a different actual path on NFS exports - No urgent need to upgrade.

If you want to upgrade - Just backup your database, uninstall and restore it after installing this new release.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or clarifications

Yaron Haimsohn

WFA team

Re: Bulletin - Release 1.0.2 content update/fix!!

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