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CX4 Datasource performance issue

My issue with the Flare 29 is nothing to do with the cannot parse host file, if I remove the  array performance check on the data source everything completes fine for the serivce insight, however if I enable the array performance and start a data logging on the clariion application insight fails with Internal Error: General message.  Now the other discusions have to do with not getting the getall hba command to complete, well that is fine if that is happening but on the sanscreen box I get all the navicli commands to complete fine and again if I remove performance it works fine.  This is something to do with the flare 29 performance captures and their format not matching what sanscreen is expecting.  Is anything going to be done or are you waiting for Flare 30 and unisphere before putting engery behind the format changes?

Re: CX4 Datasource performance issue

We do have customers doing AI:Array Perf on CX4.

The first thing I'd check - what version is the naviseccli.exe on the SANscreen server? The analyzer stuff is much more version sensitive than the inventory getall commands.

I have seen 28 navisec fail against a 29 FLARE CX4 because the cli couldn't understand the 29 archive format


Re: CX4 Datasource performance issue

True We are using naviseccli checking for a later version to see if that helps anything.

Re: CX4 Datasource performance issue

Winner winner chicken dinner, it was the navisec not matching the flare, it is now completing the application insight capture of the system stats.  Now I can get true end to end testing for sanscreen.  Thanks.  The other error is if a user sees missing initiators in the clariion itself.