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Can System State be restored using Protection Manager & OSSV?

In the OSSV 3.0 documentation, it clearly explains how to restore a client's System State files using OSSV.  However, all of the documentation assumes you're using the CLI.  If Protection Manager created the OSSV backups that contain the client's System State, could Protection Manager be used to restore the System State in a DR scenario?   For example:   

1) Protection Manager has been backing-up Windows client with OSSV.  Backups include System State backups.

1) Windows client was destroyed

2) Windows client hardware has been restored and O/S has been freshly installed

3) OSSV is re-installed on the Windows client

4) No active Snapvault relationship exists between the client and SnapVault secondary at this point

At this point, could you issue the System State restore from within the Protection Manager interface or do you have to issue this step from the Windows client (as specified in the OSSV documentation)?

Can System State be restored using Protection Manager & OSSV?

OK.  I was finally able to get a lab to test this.   In a DR scenario where you have to rebuild the OSSV client, you CAN restore the System Drive and the System State directly from the Protection Manager GUI.  This assumes that you were protecting the System State of the OSSV client with a dataset in Protection Manager before the disaster occured.   By following the instructions in the OSSV 3.0 documentation, you can prepare the client for the System State restore.  Then, just issue the restore from the PM GUI.