Cannot add host to DFM for FAS 3140 cluster


I am trying to add a FAS3140 in Operations Manager, when doing thru GUI, I am able to add it but no information is pulled and in the status it shows as host down. When I run host diag on the host it fails and says that Host Agent Connect failed ((transport http; port 4092)). However I have a older FAS 2050 and I am able to add it and pull all the information.

I have checked the SNMP version and string and both match, I am not sure wats the issue why it cannot add 3140.

Any pointers for resolving the issue will be appreciated.



Re: Cannot add host to DFM for FAS 3140 cluster

Sometimes when you cannot add a filer to DFM it is because

the host where DFM is running does not have enough free space

in the DFM install filesystem.

You can check the free space by doing a 'dfm about' command.

Make sure there is enough free space in the install directory.

linux > dfm about
Version                          4.0.1 (4.0.1)
Serial Number                    XX

Administrator Name               XX
Host Name                        XX
Host IP Address                  XX
Host Full Name                   XX

Operations Manager Node limit    10 (currently managing 2)
Provisioning Manager Node Limit  10 (currently managing 2)
Protection Manager Node Limit    10 (currently managing 2)
Operating System                 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga) 2.6.18-194.el5 x86_64
CPU Count                        2
System Memory                    2011 MB (load excluding cached memory: 25%)
Installation Directory           /opt/NTAPdfm
                                 10.2 GB free (66.1%)        <<<<< if there's not enough free space you will see an error message here
Perf Data Directory              /opt/NTAPdfm/perfdata



If you see an error, then you'll need to remove some files or grow the filesystem.

Re: Cannot add host to DFM for FAS 3140 cluster

Can you provide the output of the following command:

"dfm host diag <your_filer_hostname_or_ip>"

This should give some insight.

And don't worry about the FAS being 3140, it has nothing to do with the filer model.

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