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Cannot remove certain controllers from DFM 3.8.1

Cannot delete a couple of hosts from DFM because they are busy managing xx primary directories.

These are test host we added before but do not need them for our testing and we would like to remove these from our test OM installation

The message is "Err: Cant delete storage system can.qcomm.com (72) while managing its 19 primary directories"

Can we do a commandline force to remove these?

is there a way we can find out what directories it is trying to manage.


Re: Cannot remove certain controllers from DFM 3.8.1

It takes a couple extra steps to delete a filer from OpsMgr when OpsMgr considers the filer to be a snapvault primary or snapvault secondary filer.

You'll need to go to the Backup tab in the OpsMgr WebUI.

Go to the Storage System sub-tab. Select the "All Primary Directories" View and delete all the SV primary dirs

that reside on the filer you want to delete from OpsMgr.

Once those jobs are done, change the view to "All Primary Storage Systems" and delete the appropriate filers.

Once those jobs are done, you can delete the filers from the Control-Center->Members page.


Re: Cannot remove certain controllers from DFM 3.8.1

You can also use "dfbm primary dir relinquish" from the command line.

I believe "delete" will actually destroy the SV relationship while "relinquish" will just tell DFM not to worry about it.

-- Pete