Capacity licensing in Oncommand Insight - RAW Terabytes?


I have a doubt about the capacity licensig in OnCommand Insight, in the license they say "Terabyte" but how are them caculated?

That is are them RAW Terabytes? Are them the dimension of the LUN? Or the dimension of Volumes? Or the dimension of arrays?

Can someone replay to this question or tell me where can I found these information or how to contact NetApp to ask them directly?

Thak you!!!!


Re: Capacity licensing in Oncommand Insight - RAW Terabytes?

Hi Marco,

The answer will differ depending on which OnCommand Insight module you're deploying.

For Assure, Perform, Plan - the licensing is done by raw TB (2^40 bytes) for the discovered arrays.

For Balance - the licensing is done by usable TB.  You need only license the usable capacity from storage pools with monitored workloads (i.e. pools with monitored servers / VMs attached to them).  For NetApp, this would translate into the formatted capacity the aggregate.  There is also a controller-based license available for FAS / V x2xx controllers.

Hope that helps.