Central management console for Netap and EMC?

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A co-worker that was at a conference told me that the NetApp people there told him that NetApp had a management console product that could be used to manage both NetApp storage appliance and EMC storage appliance.  Is this true and if so can someone tell me the name of the product and any restrictions or pros and cons.


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Re: Central management console for Netap and EMC?

Not sure but the could be talking about NetApp Operations manager.  Used to be called DFM before marketing had their way.  There is another product from a company from which may do what you want.  Have not used it, but looked good on the demo.  {They always do...}

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Re: Central management console for Netap and EMC?

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Operations Manager/DFM is purely homogeneous - it will only interoperate with ONTAP based storage;   What your local account team where probably referring to was SANscreen which provides heterogeneous managment of storage devices - note management here is not specifically provisioning tasks (there are very few products today that really accomplish heterogeneous provisioning effectively) moreover SANscreen is focused on understanding the delivery of storage services across a heterogeneous fabric - understand where vulnerabilities/violations exists - show you the root cause analysis so that these can be quickly identified and fixed;   The becomes invaluable for managing the impact of datacentre changes (switch migration, firmware upgrades etc etc)

You can get more info here:

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Re: Central management console for Netap and EMC?

We are using  SANscreen 4.7.3 in parallel with Control Center 6.0.  We had SANscreen deployed since 2005 at Cisco and it is collecting from over 20 data centers across the world.   The true beauty of the SANscreen comes from the intuitive interface that Control Center lacks however Control Center is able to provide more detailed information on the storage array side.   A lot of features from both applications intersect the same domain (i.e.  ECC performance manager/sanscreen applications insight).   The true benefit of using Sanscreen is that you don't have to deal with symmetrix agents that may effect performance of the servers or quickly consume your local storage.  All of these issues can be avoided if you are deploying the data collections on servers dedicated to monitoring infrastructure.   If you like programming there is an api interface for SANscreen that you can used to pull information into your CMDB.   With newer version of SANscreen 5.0, you will be able to create highly customizable reports that rival the EMC Control Center.   I have spent a lot of time getting our SANscreen deployment up to par with the size of our environment.   The tool currently collects over 160 storage arrays and 178 mds switches.

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Re: Central management console for Netap and EMC?

Hi, I am a Product Manager with Tek-tools (, the company that Brendon mentions. We do have a heterogenous tool called Profiler that can go across NetApp and EMC storage (CX/DMX/Celerra). Profiler provides heterogenous monitoring and reporting dashboards across various storage platforms, backup applications, servers, vmware, and other apps. However, we do not provide any active management hooks like provisioning etc if thats what you mean by a management console but there are views that simplify provisioning tasks to a great extent. Hope it helps, happy to discuss further if it appears to meet your requirement.