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Change OnCommand Servers

Hello Everyone,

Due to operational requirements, I have built a new Operations Manager server. I would like to migrate the existing storage controllers to the new server for management. Database migration isnt a concern, only migrating the storage controllers to the new server. Are there any issues or gotchas that I should be concerned about? Is it as easy as removing the controllers from the old server and adding the controllers to the new servers? No special configurations were done on the old server. Just a basic install and then the addition of the controllers.

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If you don't need anything from the older Operations Manager server (configuration, history, performance data) then you can simply delete the controllers from the older Ops Mgr server.  You could also just shut it down. Then, manually add the controllers to the new Ops Mgr server.  Your new Ops Mgr server will not have any history for capacity or growth trends until you collect enough data.  After a few days or a week, you'll be good.

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Hi Chris,

     As Earls said its simple. But make sure none of these filers are in a protection relationship either using protection manager/BCO. As you may find the conformance /jobs failing because of this.



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It is better to take a database backup of the current Operations Manager server in both cases, either you prefer to re-add the the controllers in new server or you prefer database migration to avoid losing any data.

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Thanks for the answers everyone. It was rather painless. I removed the hosts from the old server and migrated to the new server.