Changes from DFM 4.0.2D5 to 4.0.2D12

IHAC that is upgrading their DFM servers from 4.0.2D5 to 4.0.2D12.  We have some scripts deployed and want to check on any possible impact.  What's the best way to understand what's changed between these two patches?


Re: Changes from DFM 4.0.2D5 to 4.0.2D12


     Between 4.0.2D5 and 4.0.2D12 there is no functionality changes only some bug fixes and upgrade of apache and open ssl version is different from D5 to D12.

BTW I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to 5.0.2 which is the current GA release and take advantage of the 64 bit architecture and new naming conventions.