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Changing IP address

I need to change the IP addresses assigned to my iSCSI netapp filer heads. This is for the iSCSI network that is separate from my LAN.

Is it merely a case of changing it in system manager under Configuration > Network > Interfaces and then changing it in the initiator on my SAN-connected servers ?


Re: Changing IP address

you can again run the

setup command on the filer & change the ip address or u can change from filer view.or system manager as u said.

once it changed then u can change on the isci initiator s/w on u r hosts changing the ip address to the current ip address will wrk.

this require downtime

Re: Changing IP address

Be careful with the setup command since it recreates filers (exports hosts, hosts.equiv, resolv.conf, nsswitch.conf), but it does create .bak backup files prior to recreating them...but I don't like re-running setup since it takes edits to put things back if not a new install.

It is usually easier to just change /etc/hosts for the new IP if you are comfortable editing the file, then either reboot or rerun ifconfig to change the IP.  Filerview used to have some "interesting" behavior with network changes (rc/hosts edits where the interface won't come up on reboot) but those are likely fixed now.  System Manager is a solid interface and I'd trust it more than filerview.