Cifs Share Finder issues

Hey I am encountering a error I was hoping someone could help me resolve.

I have a simple workflow that tries to use the cm_storage.cifs_shares table to recreate cifs shares. When I run this workflow i am unable to get the loop to function correctly.

There are 2 errors I am seeing

During execution I get this

Failed to register member variable 'CIFS_ShareMember1' for row #1

I have attached the workflow as a image.

The filter select is


    `cifs_share`.`name` as "",

    `cifs_share`.`path` as "cifs_share.path",

    `cifs_share`.`comment` as "cifs_share.comment",

    cluster.primary_address as "vserver.cluster.primary_address", as "name", as ""






    cifs_share.vserver_id =

    AND vserver.cluster_id =

    and = '${SVM_Name}'

    AND = '${Cluster_Name}'

    AND cifs_share.path != '/'

finder is base on this filter

The row loops on this criteria

Re: Cifs Share Finder issues

Hi olson,

Could you please upload your workflow so we can take a look, instead of replying back-and-forth?...


Re: Cifs Share Finder issues


You get this error when you use a finder but don't give the variable input to finder.

attached is the screen shot of how you should declare it, after doing this even though you are facing issues then upload your sample workflow that has the problem.

Thanks & Regards,

Majid M A