Configuring command line

2 questions.

1. Looking for documentation regarding the configuration and possible options for DataExportDump and dfm data export/schedule. I have used the help option provided in the command line, but was looking for something more comprehensive

2. running into an issue when running DataExportDump.

-> Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at <<install>>\ line 112.

followed by

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at <<install>>/ line 385.

DBD::mysql::db do failed: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 at <<Perl>>/lib/ line 385.

Use of uninitialized value in die at <<Perl>>/lib/ line 388.

Died at <<Perl>> /lib/ line 388.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Configuring command line

Hi Lenny,

Pls take a look at TR 3690 "Access to DataFabric Manager and Performance Advisor Data Using Database Access and Data Export"



Re: Configuring command line

Thanks that was helpful.

What about documentation regarding DataExportDump?

Re: Configuring command line

Hi Lenny,

Can we know your exact requirement.

Please note that is a sample Perl script to load exported DFM/PA data (present in CSV/TAB seperated files)
to MySQL database.

If that is what you want to do then extract on your local DFM server.
The contains README.txt and DataExportDump_Flow.doc which explains the
pre-requisites and working of respectively. Follow the instructions mentioned
in README.txt. You need to specify DFM server and MySQL server details in config.txt

Before executing the script, the Data Export feature has to be run atleast once. You can set a schedule to do periodic data export
using the cli 'dfm data export schedule set'.

Once DFM and PA data had been exported to CSV/Tab seperated text files, you can execute DataExportDump from your DFM server as follows:

$> perl -p /opt/NTAPdfm/dataExport/ -c config.txt

The -p option specifies the path where your exported files exist. By default, on a Linux server DFM/PA data gets exported to
/opt/NTAPdfm/dataExport/ and on a Windows server it will be C:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric\DFM\dataExport\



Re: Configuring command line

That is what I have done. In fact, I just tried it again, and I got the same error.

Would be great to have some additional documentation on DataExport

Re: Configuring command line

I needed to export the Performance Data. Not sure if I needed to do only for the first time or not, time will tell.

Seems like the dbexporttrack was depending on the PA date. not sure why.