Confused about OnCommand Host 1.0 vs. 1.1

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I know that 1.0 has been removed and replaced with 1.1, but from what I've seen, it seems that the only real difference between the two is 1.0 includes VSC functionality such as being able to do backup/restores from VMware, VMware and ESX tools, set host recommanded values, etc ... where 1.1 does not include those and of course 1.1 is vSphere 5 compatible.  Since I'm going to be on ESX4.1 for   Under 1.1, if you want similiar, it appears you need to install VSC and the Host.  Am I missing something, or it that correct?

I am still on ESX4.1 and have host 1.0 running very smoothly.  I wish it had some features that it currently does not, but it works fine.  So, do I need to go to 1.1 version at this time?  Will a later version of Host look more similar to 1.0 with more features I hope or is this the direction that NetApp is going with you needing to install VSC and Host for full functionality?

Even though 1.0 has been removed, I am wondering if I should skip 1.1 since 1.0 works and 1.1 is missing features I like.

Someone please help me understand this better? 



Confused about OnCommand Host 1.0 vs. 1.1

I read somewhere that you might be able to install VSC 2.1.1 and OnCommand Host 1.1 and have them coexist. Can anyone confirm this?

I have vCenter 5.0 with OnCommand Host 1.1 installed. Do I need to install VSC 2.1.1 to get the VMware plugin functionality working in vCenter (set Host options, RCU, SMVI)? or ?

Re: Confused about OnCommand Host 1.0 vs. 1.1

I have both installed with no issues in my test env. I myself am just trying to figure out if that is the approach Netapp is taking or if they plan to combine all features back into one install.

Confused about OnCommand Host 1.0 vs. 1.1

How did you do the install? Did you isntall the Host package first? or VSC 2.1.1?

I'm trying to deploy them both, but the Host package reports errors if it sees Backup and Recovery or Provisioning and Cloning (from VSC 2.1.1) already installed. I'm assuming you deployed VSC without the addons, and then Host Package 1.1?

Re: Confused about OnCommand Host 1.0 vs. 1.1

Actually I had vsc 2.x (whatever latest is) already installed with all adding but not doing any backups then 1.1 host installed without issues.

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