Connecting Filers to DFM/Ops Manager

Somewhat new to DFM/Ops manager...!

We have a server set up for DFM, installed and working, and we have 4 different clustered Filers to connect to it.

So far we have only been able to connect one cluster. There is only a single node license on the DFM server, but as I understand that should not prevent us from being able to get things like the DFM HOST DIAG commands from CLI to confirm connectivity to a Filer ?

Essentially the other three Filers we need to connect fail the DIAG test with timeouts on SNMPv1. I have been assured by the Network/Firewall team that port 162 is opened on the network for all the hosts. I have also increased the timeout parameter from 150 to 500 for the SNMP connections.

Has anyone else seen similar issues, or got any idea how I can diagnose why these connections are not working ? Ping and telnet are disabled, and tracert gives essentially the same information for all 4 systems, stopping after around 10 hops.

Is it even as simple as the DFM software being 'clever' enough to prevent any other host DIAG connectivity tests without further licences ?


Re: Connecting Filers to DFM/Ops Manager

even if you have only one license you shouldn't have problem with adding more servers so it's not the issue with license it's the issue with network, check the network thing and it should be solved. Look at the UDP 162 port as even if you have ping blocked things should work but if you have SNMP blocked it OC will not find the storage system.

Re: Connecting Filers to DFM/Ops Manager

The License is not the problem, when you have 1 Core License you can get the additional Licenses from:

Even without the additional License you should be able todo dfm host diags.

162/udp (snmp) [O] Managed appliances send SNMP Traps to the DataFabric Manager server to speed up monitoring of important events (configurable)

161/udp (snmp) [M] Monitoring of appliances

80/tcp (http) [E1] Filer management (including Performance Advisor,configuration management), and HTTP ping method


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Manager server to work?