Consolidate Protection Manager Datasets


I have two volume snapmirror relationships in two different datasets.  The protection policies and resources pools are the same for both datasets, so I would like to consolidate from 2 datasets to 1.

How can I do this without rebaselining the VSM relationship in the dataset I'll be destroying?



Re: Consolidate Protection Manager Datasets

Hi Chris,

Suspend the dataset, from where you would like to remove the VSM relationship and add to another dataset.

Then go to the edit wizard of the suspended dataset and remove the members. Both Primary and Mirror Volumes.

After this, you will find these relationships in the external relationship tab, from there import it to the desired dataset.

This does not involve any rebaseline.

All this has to be done within 2hours to if dfm version is 3.7 or earlier, to make sure dfm doesn’t reap the relationships.

If its 3.8 or latter its dependant on the dpreaperclenaupmode options.

Of all being said if the process is done within 2hours then without rebaseline or deletion, they can be imported or consolidated to one dataset.



Re: Consolidate Protection Manager Datasets

Adai - thank you very much for your help!  Much appreciated!