Create New Protection Policy

Is there a way that would allow for creation of a new "base" protection policy?  I know we can copy and edit an existing policy, but that does not allow me to create additional relationships.  Here is what I am trying to solve.

In the event that we want to have the following:  Local Backups (7 days in the volume), Local Backup (SnapVault) that will be replicated off site, and a DR copy of the data.  I know there is a base policy that would allow for DR mirror and Snapvault copy.

                                                  --> (SnapMirror) DR Offsite Mirror

PROD Data(7 day local snaps)

                                                 --> (SnapVault) Local Backup on secondary Array --> (SnapMirror) Replicated off site Backup copy

Just trying to think of a way to accomplish this.  I know we could always setup a mirror of the Local SnapVault copy, but at that point it would be controlled outside of protection manager

Re: Create New Protection Policy

Hi Scott,

     With PM, the topology is fixed and one cannot create there own. The solution for this is to use WFA which allows the user to configure its own topolgy as long as its supported  by ontap.

For this you will have to write a workflow to do the same.



Re: Create New Protection Policy

I figured that was going to be the answer, was just hoping that there was a different way.  The dashboard functionality makes it easier to use PM as my team can look at it and see if there is anything broken or lagged.  I am sure we can do something with a workflow and a reporting tool as well ...