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Create VMDK's for Vmware Guests

Does WFA support creating vmdk files for VM guests? I know that it can create NFS/VMFS Datastores by speaking to the vcenter. I'm working on automating Storage Provisioning for VM Guests - any inputs/comments will be very helpful. Cheers!!!!

Re: Create VMDK's for Vmware Guests


     Anything that you can do with VMware Power CLI, you can do with WFA. WFA Vmware commands essential use VMware Power CLI itself to connect to a vCenter Server and execute commands.

User guide for the cmdlets are available here:

Currently there are no certified commands from WFA to create the VMDK disks but you can easily create one. I can post a command to do it if you want.

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Re: Create VMDK's for Vmware Guests

Thanks for the link Sinhaa, very useful. Yes - if you can provide the command that would be of great help