Creating Reports on I/O usage?

We just recently started implementing a VMView environment on our fas3270 and I would like to run some reports to present to management that show the I/O usage of the system.  We are seeing some performance issues in the enviroment and i am trying to rule out the netapp as a possible reason.  I can view the graphs within system manager but i need something more that i can print.  Thanks.

Also does anyone know of some documentation that might show what performance #'s that can help me determine when we are over using our fas3270.

Re: Creating Reports on I/O usage?

Performance advisor (part of Operations Manager) can do it. There are (now web-based) tools that would produce pretty graphs from performance archives or perfstat results, available to NetApp employees or partners; you could ask your NetApp representative to help with it. Finally, there are free solutions based on widely available monitoring tools like Cacti or Nagios; you will need to spend some time to set them up and collect data (although it is possible to preload RRD tables with historical data using some script magic).

But if you have performance issues, it makes sense to open call with NetApp anyway,