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Custom Events Report

I am working on creating a custom report from the output of  list of all events in the past day/24 hrs

I can check all the events with this ,
dfm report view events

How do I list events by the trigger time (Past day/24hours)



Re: Custom Events Report

There is no time range  that the events report take as argument.

But one work around would  be, if you have enabled db access using db user. then you can get the desired output

by filtering from the triggered field.



Re: Custom Events Report

Thanks Adai,

I dont see a Event View in Database Schema

Could you give an example

Re: Custom Events Report

Oops, bad luck.

Ok can you raise a burt for the same requesting for a db view for events.

Then the last resort is to dump the reports in csv or xl format and run some post processing to get what

you desire.