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Custom report for LUNs seen by a host WWPN

Customer has a question on having a custom report to see the storage in use by a particular WWPN (or WWPN-Alias)

Here is the customer request:

Is there a way to build a report like this?  I can’t seem to get it in the GUI because it allows me only one catalog per custom report.  I can’t figure out the command line portion of it with help from the TR on the NOW site.  I need to pull information from multiple catalogs.

HBA – Volume – Lun Path

Or point me to help me create this custom script?

Below is taken from the OM Road Map session back in January.  The File SRM needs agents installed on all the servers to pull this information using the license installed.

Question:  Request for a report that shows what storage (luns) are seen by a server's WWPN.

Answer: This can be achieved using the FSRM report that is shown below – giving a mapping between the server – hba port – lun If FSRM is not available, the only way is to query data from OM database and build your own custom report.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Re: Custom report for LUNs seen by a host WWPN

While you can not get these in one report, we could get the information that you need in several reports and then just merge together the information with a script. I've done this for a similar situation where we needed to show client side disk usage coordinated against lun space allocations.  So it was a combination of FSRM and lun reports and a fairly simple perl script.

I think the information you are looking for is in the lun-igroups and lun-all  reports.  Just a correlation between the igroup field in each report to show which luns are mapped to which HBAs, is this what you are looking for?

Re: Custom report for LUNs seen by a host WWPN

probably not the best way of doing this, but its simple.

From home screen in OM, select ALL LUNs. Then in the search button on top insert the hostname. It ll yields some results, select the LUN results and copy.

insert in excel, paste special and insert as value.



Re: Custom report for LUNs seen by a host WWPN

Eric - that is the correlation the customer is looking for.