Customized alert message in email?

Hello all

Can you edit the text in email message that DFM sends out?

Customer wants a simple header, see below how long it is, they only want the first few lines to the first hyper link

Thanks, Emanuel

From: DFM

Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:42 PM

To: various people

Subject: dfm: Warning event on sjcdbfiler02-B:/utc16arc (Volume Almost Full)

A Warning event at 01 Apr 13:42 PDT on Volume utc16arc on Active/Active Controller sjcdbfiler02-B:

The volume is 81.58% full (using 166 GB of 203 GB).

There is 2.40 TB of spare disk space available for expanding the volume.

Click below to see the source of this event.

Click below to see details of this event.

Click below to see all events.

REMINDER: This alert will be repeated every 120 minutes, until the event is acknowledged.

Click below to acknowledge the event.

Click below to see the source of this event in the DataFabric Manager server and access the related management page in FilerView.

*** Event details follow.***

General Information


DataFabric Manager Serial Number: 1-50-011240 Alarm Identifier: 17

Event Fields


Event Identifier: 80882

Event Name: Volume Almost Full

Event Description: Space utilization of the file system Event Severity: Warning Event Timestamp: 01 Apr 13:42

Re: Customized alert message in email?

Hi Emanuel,

     AFAIK the default email messages cant be changed.But you can have your alarm script to generate a email with the messages of your choice, using the environment variables of the alarm.

The example in the link is for userquota but it is very much same for any space management events of volume, qtree,aggr and userquota which have environment variables associated with them.



Re: Customized alert message in email?

The work on this is going great, just some tunning and it will be up and running.

This brings customization in question since i get asked a lot of questions that are simply not covered in this product, which is amazing since OM/PM are pretty mature at this point.  As they come up, i will post them here.

Thanks to this forum for all your help, it is working.